The reappearance of a Gustav Klimt stolen in an Italian museum

Monday, December 16 11.49 GMT

The reappearance of a Gustav Klimt stolen in an Italian museum

Last Wednesday December 11 surprised the news of the discovery of a possible painting of Gustav Klimt stolen more than 20 years ago.

This happened in the Galleria d'Arte Moderna Ricci Oddi in Piacenza.

The same Italian museum from which he had disappeared in mysterious circumstances in 1997.

The news surprised the art world, because the Retrato de una dama It was one of the most important lost pieces in history.

This portrait made by Gustav Klimt in 1917 It is valued at around 60 million dollars.

Was discovered by a museum gardener while cleaning an exterior wall.

And behind her He found the work hidden in a bag, in perfect condition.

Finally it was confirmed this weekend that the canvas is original and that fortunately it is in good condition.

A story full of shocks


El Retrato de una dama It is a painting that already has a curious legend.

In 1997, the same year he disappeared, Claudia maga, a researcher, He discovered that it coincided with another work by Gustav Klimt.

So he found that Portrait of a young lady, from 1912, is in a lower layer than the one in the Ricci Oddi Gallery.

So the Retrato de una dama of 1917 would be the only work of Gustav Klimt in which he He repainted a portrait taking advantage of the other.

After this discovery, it was prepared to include this information in an exhibition dedicated to Klimt at the Ricci Oddi Gallery.

However the painting disappeared during the preparations.

They left the painting frame as a dramatic gesture on the dome of the museum's ceiling.

Several copies were found with which it was intended to replace.

As well as an alleged thief who said they would return the original in 2017.

But that date was fulfilled and the original painting still did not appear.

Until now, that a gardener cleaned some herbs and found the hiding place of Gustav Klimt's lady.
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