Surrealism, a unique movement with numerous techniques

August 14, 2019 at 14:50 p.m.

Surrealism, a unique movement with numerous techniques


El surrealism in art he presented scenes out of this world, taken from the minds of its creators.

Therefore, each artist was a different seal, own y only.

However, techniques were diverse, very rich due to the large number of people who contributed something to this current.

This is how they are told around 30 and we share the five most relevant:

Creative techniques of surrealism




In this the figures are form with smoke, candles or lamps which are usually performed on paper or canvases.

Thus, the most notable of its representatives was Wolfgang Paalen





Elements different each other meet to form a work with harmony, regardless of whether they come from different sites. It should be noted that one of its main exponents was John Gray.




A technique that uses the gouache on paper then exert a moderate pressure on the sheet and take off before drying. Max Ernst I performed constant exercises.



Scraped off


This technique was worth using paper to create an effect of scraped on the canvas. Joan Miró He was one of the most frequently used.




They generally existed in oils or watercolors and it is possible because turpentine was used once the painting was finished. Varus remedies he constantly resorted to her.