Isadora Duncan, the forerunner of modern dance

May 26, 2020 at 08:54 hrs.


On May 27, 1877 he was born Angela Isadora DuncanAmerican dancer and choreographer, considered creator of modern dance.

Originally from San Francisco, she started performing arts with her pianist mother, who opened a dance school in Oakland.

That was how Isadora abandoned her studies at age 11, to dedicate herself fully to her mother's school.

There, he learned from Mozart, Schubert and Schumann, who influenced his later artistic development, although his fascination with the sea and the movements of the waves They started their peculiar dance style.

After moving to Chicago, Isadora Duncan studied classical dance; however, an incense forced her to move to New York where she joined the theater company of the playwright Augustin Daly.

But it wasn't long before Isadora and her family decided to move to London, where she learned the artistic expressions of ancient Greece.

His movements were linked to the philosophical vision of the expressionism and the search for essence within the human interior.

In this way, Isadora Duncan, broke with classical dance addressing issues related to death and pain, in addition to deepening his dance and literary studies.

Revolutionary and minimalist, she began to be recognized for her vaporous robes that allowed her to guess the body and glimpse the bare legs and bare feet of Isadora who danced without makeup and with her hair down. contrary to the customs of classical dance.

Despite Isadora's unique and successful style in Europe, he faced criticism and disinterest from Latin America, which resulted in several of his presentations even being canceled.

At this time, she also faced the loss of her two young children who died in a car accident in Paris.

Isadora Duncan died in a car accident in Nice, the night of September 14, 1927, at the age of 50. Felle was strangled by the long scarf she wore around her neck, when it got tangled in the rim of the car in which she was traveling.