What is Pop Art: The movement that broke out forever

May 17, 2019 at 16:11 hrs.

What is Pop Art: The movement that broke out forever

Pop Art is considered by many as an artistic expression with little sense and talent. And is that they believe that it is a movement where artists set out to create easy works for a slow audience. However, if we think about it more closely, it looks a lot like a art emerged with a political depth. Even with an awareness of reality about the consumer society.

Despite this, Pop Art may or may not be liked by many people. This, because well we could say that it is an art that flies the consumer society and capitalism. Or criticize it ?. It would be good to ask ourselves that question, since several artists lived from it and continues reproducing. And although maybe Andy Warhol is the best-known exponent, there are many others. Even, it's good to remember that it was not he who created it.

Your birth


Pop Art was a movement that emerged at the end of the 1950 decade in England and the United States. It was born as an artistic reaction to Abstract Expressionism, which was considered empty and elitist. Is characterized by the use of images and themes taken from the consumer society and mass communication. And all this condensed and applied to art.

In addition, one of the characteristics of Pop Art is that it uses familiar images but gives them a different meaning. This is done to achieve an aesthetic position or reach a critical stance of consumerism. As its own name indicates "Popular Art", it takes from the people the interests as well as the theme.

For example, Pop is the result of a lifestyle, the plastic manifestation of a culture. A society characterized by technology, "democracy", fashion and consumption. In it, the objects are no longer unique to be produced in series. Likewise, it uses industrial objects, posters and articles for commercial consumption.

Accepted and loved


It should be remembered that Pop Art It was appreciated and approved by the public thanks to its easy and fun wayss. To its contents, which could be captured without difficulty. For example, the viewer liked to recognize ordinary objects in pictures. In this way, they saved the effort represented by the interpretation of the works of abstract expressionism. However, they did not understand the load of irony and ambiguity that Pop Art kept.Its origins are found in Dadaism, in the little importance placed on the final art object. Even in the use of collage and photomontage.

In the same way, there are many detractors of this movement. They consider it banal, useless and that it contributes nothing to art or society.

Loved or hated, without a doubt, an art that came to stay, revolutionary and uncomfortable. What It has made us rethink the concept of art and the way in which our contemporary societies are built. Pop Art is a movement that continues and that already has a special place in the History of Art.