Banksy sculpture for sale at Miami Art Week

Source: Artnet
Source: Artnet


dreamboat, a sculpture of Banksy is on sale during Miami Art Week at the satellite fair Miami Art Context, Available until December 4.

50% of total sales will benefit Choose Love, an advocacy organization that provides humanitarian aid to refugees around the world, reaching more than three million children in 120 countries, and raising more than $80 million for its partners around the world.

dream boat is a coin-operated piece that debuted in 2015 as part of the project "dismaland" from the mysterious artist, an emerging dystopian theme park in Somerset, England.

The eye-catching fiberglass and resin object depicts a ship full of refugees.

on your display original, the boat floated around a dirty outdoor fountain, pursued by a menacing miniature coast guard.

In 2018, Banksy announced in Instagram What would you do a raffle for? dreamboat, at a cost of £2 per ticket, donating all money raised through the sale to Choose Love.

At the end, dream boat was awarded to the entrant able to provide the most accurate estimate of the weight of the sculpture. The winner was associated with Ballon Rouge Art Advisory and Gallery S16 based Montreal to find a permanent home for the piece.

"We are considering offers until December 4," said the president of Ballon Rouge, Jon Bucci. “We have received significant interest and numerous offers.”

The final sale price will be "certainly in the multi-million" range, Bucci adds, but the final amount is yet to be determined.


dream boat, Banksy. Source: The art newspaper