The magical musical (and personal) evolution of Anohni

Singer and visual artist Anohni. Source: Fader
Singer and visual artist Anohni. Source: Fader


Anohni, the songwriter and singer formerly known as Antony Hegarty, decided a few years ago to completely transform the and the message of his music.

Based on a lot of effort and dedication, built a career with international projection as leader of the group Antony and the Johnsons singing ballads with his unique and super powerful voice in which the melancholic and dark letters prevailed.

But this changed when he decided to evolve as an artist and turn his career around, since said nostalgia it did not reflect his spirit or what he wanted to communicate to the world.

In 2016 he decided to do the unthinkable for many artists who have such a defined style, so he decided to jump into the void and create a much more current musical proposal, in which dance dominated, to talk about the various problems facing the world.



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The result of this was reflected in her first album as Anohni, hopelessness, where the letters ceased to be intimate and heartbreaking to be markedly political.

Drone warfare, capital punishment and environmental disasters were some of the issues addressed at that time by this trans woman who asked the world, in the only way she knows how, to give her the place that belonged to her and that she was claiming.




She also revealed her new name and asked to be told about her, as she identified as a transgender woman. Anohni wanted to be congruent, so to continue to have a male name, she did not display this as she had always identified as female.

The path of this superstar has not been easy since then, but this year he is back with a new album and he does it hand in hand with Hercules & Love Affair

So far only one song has been released, Poisonous Storytelling, from the album In Amber of said group, which will be released on June 17 and we can only say that it reflects everything that she has fought for so many years and that is precisely why we are glad that she once again shares her great talent with the world.



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