Jimi Hendrix and the unforgettable night he burned his guitar

June 18, 2021 at 11:51 a.m.


Jimi Hendrix made history in the industry rock ago 54 years ago, just the night of June 18, 1967, when burned his guitar on the Monterey Pop Festival, thus starring in one of rock's iconic moments.

This action was memorable because that great performance opened the doors of a new market and catapulted him to fame. 

That time there was also an important mishap since fought a battle of egos with Pete Townshend, guitarist of The Who.

It turns out that when they met face to face they argued to see who would close the festival since neither wanted to perform after the other. 

This is because whoever played first would break their instruments and would not allow the other to do the same.

They tossed a coin in the air and the one who had to introduce himself first went to The Who, who smashed their instruments by crashing them.

When Jimi Hendrix's turn came, he literally decided to turn him on. fire on his guitar as he played the last chords of his last song that night.

It should be noted that that It wasn't the first time Hendrix had burned a guitar in public., as he had already done it a few months ago, during a show in London, but it had no media impact.

Something that was important this time was that everything was recorded and photographed, so that the whole world could see the moment when he knelt, danced and raised his arms in a ritual way. 

Unfortunately Jimi Hendrix's career (and life) was short (he died at 27), but he managed to record three discs study, perform in countless concerts and impact the world at key moments like this.


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