Baloji, Zombies and images of contemporary alienation

October 28, 2019 at 16:42 p.m.

Baloji, Zombies and images of contemporary alienation

The Belgian-Congolese rapper Baloji created with Zombies a manifesto about the contemporary need to always be connected and always "on".

This artist expands in a 14 minutes short film the video director job he had done for other of his subjects.

And in the case of Zombies, Spotlight y Glitterine They work like the tracks that guide the short film.

These two songs come from the album 137 Kaniama Avenue, which Baloji launched on 2018.

Baloji's visual work is self-taught.

To create it, it is based on references that evoke natural materials and traditional cultures, as in the contemporary form of urban life.

Contrasts that coexist


En Zombies We see tribal-looking characters appear.

However, seeing in detail the materials of your wardrobe we realize that they are waste plastics.

Or they appear headdresses crowned by smartphones.

The important thing for Baloji is to create at the same time the contrast between the traditional and lo futuristic.

And make your fantastic looking characters were integrated into the context of the streets of Kinshasa, where the short film was recorded.

Through image and music, Baloji moves between criticism of contemporary life.

Baloji also criticizes colonialism, but still having a hopeful look towards the community.

Zombies It is a clear example of how aesthetics reinforce a message and how Baloji is a multi-talented artist.

Zombies, of Baloji can be seen here:



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