Deena Abdelwahed's cathartic electronics in the MUTEK MX

Deena Abdelwahed's cathartic electronics in the MUTEK MX

Through the community experience on the dance floor Deena Abdelwahed Seeks to explore collective catharsis.

This Tunisian artist, DJ and producer experiment with techno and the bass to manifest politically.

Deena Abdelwahed discovered in the Arab Spring that the revolution could also be made from clubs, and from music and art.

Although its environment is that of techno clubs, Abdelwahed evokes Arab instrumentalization at times and plays with Arabic letters.

He builds his music from his identity, and makes his political stance very clear.


Khonnar and his dark would answer


Abdelwahed presented his album at 2018 Khonnar, which explores dark recesses, but which according to the artist should be shown without shame.

Just as, according to Abdelwahed herself, the injustices that prevail in the status quo should be shown and fought.

For this album, she collaborated with artists such as the German photographer and visual artist Judas Companion y Nidhal Chamekh, Tunisian artist based in Paris.

Deena Abdelwahed and his act of collective catharsis can be seen in the Mexico City inside of the Mutek festival in November of this year.

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