Luis Racionero, controversial and unclassifiable writer dies

Sunday March 08 20.13 GMT

Luis Racionero, writer, died on March 8, 2020 at age 80 in his country, Spain. 

The essayist, narrator and novelist defined himself as psychedelic liberal

He was born on January 15, 1940. He studied engineering and economic sciences at the University of Barcelona, ​​later urban planning in Berkeley.

Already in the United States he faced student revolts and absolute disagreement of society at that time. Situation that would mark it in different aspects. 

In this way he was a fundamental initiator of counterculture in Europe in the 70s.

He was a controversial man, defender of Eastern philosophy and free sex. 

He wrote equally in Catalan or Spanish. Among their titles are counted The art of living (1989) Decadent progress (1990) o Memories of a psychedelic liberal (2011).

He collaborated in newspapers and magazines such as The Country, The Vanguard y White garlic.

One of the main positions he held was as director of the National Library in 2001. 

In his works he reflected on almost everything in life. 

Intellectual and liberal, bequeathed about 40 works that go from the historical novel to his own biography. 

He was a lover of French wine, travel and underline any book he went to. 

Unclassifiable, he had so many labels that he was not comfortable with any.  



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