The video to go through the detail of the New York Public Library

The video to go through the detail of the New York Public Library

With this video of almost 30 minutes anyone can know every nook and cranny of the majestic building Beaux-Arts de la Public Library of New York, located in Fifth Avenue and 42 Street in Manhattan.

Production Architectural Digest together a Bryant Park Corporation they created a tour from the iconic exterior guarded by the famous lion sculptures -modeled by Edward Clark Potter- to the interior of its halls and corridors. Of course, the protagonism takes it the Reading Room Rose, which has just had a two year remodeling.
The guides are experts in the field: the historian of design Judith Gura, the historian of architecture Paul Ranogajec y Keith Glutting, manager of the program of volunteer visitors of the library. In addition, archival photographs are presented that help viewers understand the architectural styles that influenced construction.

Undoubtedly, an interesting opportunity to know the history of this building, inaugurated as the main headquarters of the New Public Library in 1911, and understand how it works with a collection of more than 50 million items.



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