Cineteca Nacional, the favorite cultural and cinematographic space of the CDMX

Cineteca Nacional, the favorite cultural and cinematographic space of the CDMX

On January 17, 1974, a fundamental space dedicated to cinema was inaugurated: the National Cineteca of Mexico.

The first tape on display was The Compadre Mendoza of 1933.

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Thus, the story of an enclosure began whose objective is to promote Mexican film culture, but also preserve both national and international film memory.

The rebirth of the Cineteca


The first headquarters were in the old forums of the Churubusco Studios in Calzada de Tlalpan.

However, in March 1982 a fire occurred, so operations stopped and a new home was decided.

The Plaza de los compositores, located in Mexico Coyoacán Avenue, south of the city was the chosen place.

The new facilities opened their doors on January 27, 1984, a new stage began.

After years in operation, in 2011 the expansion and modernization of the site was agreed.

The project was carried out by Rojkind Arquitectos, led by Michel Rojkind.

In 2012, a completely renovated Cineteca was released, a film and cultural complex fundamental to the country.  

Rooms were added, so from six it went to ten.

Most of the spaces were transformed, a special room for exhibitions Temporary

In this way, the preservation, cataloging, exhibition and dissemination of cinema remained assured.

Undoubtedly an excellent place for anyone and heart moviegoers to enjoy their hobby.


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