A life dedicated to dance: Eileen Kramer

October 29, 2019 at 13:09 p.m.

A life dedicated to dance: Eileen Kramer

When you do something you are passionate about, age doesn't matter, you continue with what you love as much as you do Eileen Kramer

La dancer, performer and choreographer was born on November 8 from 1914 in Sydney, Australia.

And it remained active until the 2017, even now it occasionally intervenes in some project.

The woman that exceeds 100 years It is proof that this activity is a powerful revitalizer, an enigma for the human body.

It belonged to Bodenwieser Ballet, one of the first companies of dance Modern Australia.

The artist toured India, Paris, London or New York and of course, her country.

He has the gift of moving, expressing and vibrating.

His long and active life accompanied by dancing is an inspiration for those who are engaged in this activity, but also for those who do not.

It is a clear indication that when you dedicate yourself passionately to your work, age is only a number.

So his career is worthy of admiration.

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