Zedz: When typography and geometry become art

Thursday, November 14 17.58 GMT

Zedz: When typography and geometry become art

Zedz is a Dutch which makes clear its style and uniqueness in the art world.

Graduated in 1998 from the Art Academy of Amsterdam, he ventured into the graffiti; However, over time it evolves along with his work.

This is how he perfects his technique in abstract typography, which distinguishes him from his contemporaries.

So it also mixes architecture and design in fun and colorful three-dimensional compositions.

Geometry is one of the most important bases of his work.

performs murals, digital graphics, painting and installations.

He currently lives in Milan and continues his work, sometimes he also participates in collaborations with either brands or artists.

The result, incredible forms that seem to have a very own rhythm.

In the same way it intervenes in public spaces, which has enormous acceptance among the public.

Without a doubt, his pieces are unique and magnificent.

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