The soft and delicate illustrations of the Argentine artist Sofia Bonati

Monday, April 01 08.36 GMT

The soft and delicate illustrations of the Argentine artist Sofia Bonati

The illustrations of Sofia Bonati have as protagonist the woman, your thoughts, characteristics and daily life.

Sofia Bonati is an Argentine artist who currently lives in Surrey, England.

He was born in Buenos Aires in 1982 in a family of artists. However, he began his artistic career when he moved to the UK in 2013.

It is recognized for the fine aesthetics it handles in its illustrations and paintings.

In addition to her study practice, she has a career as an illustrator, and has worked for major brands and magazines.

Among its most important clients are Iberia, Vanity Fair and Mondadori.

Your illustrations

The technique refined in the illustrations of Sofia Bonati is visible thanks to her work with pencil and wet media on paper.

Bonati imbues his female figures and portraits with surreal elements and gives them the powers of animals and plants.

A soft pencil drawing, focused on the details of the faces, is the main characteristic of Sofia Bonati's illustrations.

In general, his art is presented in soft colors and pastel shades.

However, bright colors such as red, black or orange appear to give strength and contrast.

This series, it's called Butterfly girls (butterfly girls).

Here, her technique refined in illustration with graphite is combined with the message: the transformation of women into powerful beings.

And it is the wings of the butterflies that appear as an anchor on their neck to fly.


Sofia Bonati dHe etorted his illustrative paintings with the Sager Braudis Gallery at 2017.

During his artistic maturity, he has experienced the fusion between pencil and watercolor.

Generally, Sofia Bonati's illustrations have many patterns, which have served as the main feature of her work.

The women who reflect in their art are strong and occupy the center of the drawing.

Each one of them transmits a character and seems to carry its own subtle sense of narrative.

The flattened and decorative backgrounds echo the power and personality of the figure, but give it the focus, reinforcing its centrality.

In her work we find that women observe the viewers firmly.

Even, there is a halo behind their heads, as if they were religious icons.

Its fine and subtle aesthetic is visible in each of its illustrations.
This is the art and illustrations of Sofia Bonati.

An artist who through her strokes demonstrates the complexity of capturing the human psyche. Above all, to decipher it.

With marker, pencil and paint, reveals the depth of women's spirit, their struggle and transformation.

Inspired by the works of Klimt, Klee and Modiglinai.

Sofia plays with textures and color combinations to present "the complexity of the female spirit and the role of women in society".

The illustrations of Sofia Bonati are a subtle, committed and careful work that traps and submerges the world of women.