The graphic audacity of the cartoonist and illustrator Brecht Evens

Thursday October 31 09.39 GMT

The graphic audacity of the cartoonist and illustrator Brecht Evens

Who sees an image of Brecht evens He can't forget her.

This Belgian cartoonist, illustrator and cartoonist was born in 1986.

He is the author of books and images that impact us for his color management.

Brecht Evens builds its landscapes, characters and sequences through the overlay layers of watercolors, inks and markers.

Although at first glance they seem confusing and full of images, very soon we discover the keys.

For example: each character corresponds to a color, if we follow a sinuous line, we see where the action is going.

In its apparent chaos we glimpse disparate referents like David Hockney, Escher, or medieval upholstery.

Watercolors and emotions claroscuros

Brecht Evens explores in his different books the literal chiaroscuros of color, but also those emotional extremes.

Evens draws without sketches, directly applying colors, from the lightest to the darkest.

And in this same bold way he immerses himself in high-profile topics, as in his book Panther, in which he touches child abuse with drawings like children's stories.

In stories like Les Rigoles y A wrong place, Evens portrays nightlife prints.

He does it with ease and ease, and in addition to the main characters, he shows the passion he feels for Urban scenarios

Unexpected collaborations

This has made brands like Louis Vuitton Look for it to collaborate in the editions that make art books dedicated to cities.

Thanks to this collaboration, Brecht Evens began working with the lithographer Michael Woolworth for some pieces and pages of his books.

One of the adjectives Evens likes most is "unexpected".

Deep themes hide behind playful images, behind their compositions calculated with exquisite precision there is a drawing without a sketch.

No wonder this author is one of the most fascinating contemporary graphic storytellers.

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