The best manga authors you have to know

Monday October 21 16.48 GMT

The best manga authors you have to know

In Japan, the sleeve It is a cultural manifestation as important as cinema or literature.

And unlike other countries, the mangakas They have always been in their history and present in a crucial way.

Here we share some of the most important.

Machiko hasegawa

Hasegawa is known as the grandmother's sleeve.

Your character Sazae-san It appeared on 1946 and its strips were published daily until the author withdrew on 1974.

Sazae-san continues to be printed on compilation volumes that have sold more than 70 million copies in Japan alone.

In addition, the animation of this character continues to be created and transmitted to this day.

24 Year Group

Year 24 refers to the group of authors that revolutionized manga in the decade of 1970.

They are between them Moto Hagio, Yumiko Oshima and Keiko Takemiya.

This group of women introduced philosophical tendencies and their affinity for romantic European themes within the comics for girls or shojo.

His style of drawing and composition broke the rigid conventions of the traditional page structures of the manga page.

Rumiko Takahashi

Takahashi is one of the most prolific mangakas in history.

He has created such successes throughout his career that he is known as The Queen of Manga.

In 2019 he was awarded the Grand Prix of the Angoulême International Festival, which will be celebrated with an exhibition and a ceremony at 2020.

Naoko Takeuchi

Naoko Takeuchi is the author of Sailor Moon, one of the most successful manga and anime series ever.

His training was originally in chemistry, but he won the prize Nakayoshi Sleeve for Rookies, at 19 years.

Her work has influenced manga and comic authors worldwide.

Hiromu Ayakawa

She is the author of the great manga and anime success Fullmetal Alchemist.

His birth name is Hiromi, but he uses the masculinized pseudonym Hiromu.

This is because his manga of futuristic and fantastic themes belong to the category of shonen, intended for teenage male audiences.

Kiriko Nananan

Kiriko Nananan belongs to a movement known as La Nouvelle Manga.

This mixes European comic influences with manga.

Nananan's style is minimalist and his stories are sensual and melancholic.

Kyoko Okazaki

Okazaki's work is characterized by its representation of contemporary Japanese youth of the 1980 and 1990 decades.

His sleeves are full of slang and his characters behave unconventionally.

She is from the precursors of style gyaru (for cheeky girls).

Kabi Nagata

Kabi Nagata is one of the most recent revelations among manga authors.

This mangaka rose to fame on 2016 with his autobiographical manga My lesbian experience with loneliness.

In him and in his sequel he talks about his anxiety and depression problems, as well as his progressive and complex acceptance of his sexuality.

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