Surrealism and pastel colors in the animations of Zolloc

March 12, 2020 at 06:03 p.m.


Zolloc it's what it is called Hayden zezulaAmerican entertainer, art director, and creative.

If it is about textures and color this man is the one to make any universe possible. 

The designs surreal It presents include body parts such as hands or arms, characters, repetition of figures, objects and hypnotic images among other characteristics. 

On one occasion he declared that his works are inspired by the movement of water, rhythmic, rhythmic, smooth and wonderful.

The artist originally from Austin, Texas now resides in New York where it has found its maximum splendor. 

Your animations generally become reality with Cinema 4D and Photoshop programs.

Multicolored and aesthetic compositions are part of his daily life. It is so eloquent that anyone is captivated by its incredible deliveries. 

Zolloc's favorite shades are pastel colors, flooding the world with new creations.

He has collaborated with Vans, Nike, MT, Kings of Leon or the manga, Ghost in the shell. 


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