Paris and Tokyo at the forefront with these incredible digital art museums

Paris and Tokyo at the forefront with these incredible digital art museums

To Tokyo and Paris the signs of "Do not touch" They were left behind.

These two large cities welcomed the technology to renew themselves, through the world's first digital art museums.

Mori Building Digital Art Museum


In Tokyo, Japan, you will find the Mori Building Digital Art Museum, the first digital art museum that opened its doors in 2017.

The immense space of 10 thousand square meters, displays throughout the length and width of its walls and floors, flowers, fish and figures associated with nature.

The works that embrace the astonished visitors are formed by means of more than 500 computers and 470 projectors distributed all over the place.

Its interactive labyrinths offer a tour of the seasons, where the transformation of nature is appreciated until the traditional cherry blossom ceremony.

This fantastic and sensory world was created in collaboration with TeamLab Borderless.

This is how great presentations have been held as Future park, Tea House and Athletics Forest.

Forest of lamps It is your most recent show that will be available until 31 July.

The workshop of the lights


Paris opened the museum of digital art at 2018 Atelier des Lumieres o Workshop of lights.

This cultural center is the first and largest in Europe with a thousand 500 square meters of surface and 10 meters high.

Built in a old smithy Immediately move to a unique artistic and sensory experience.

It also has 140 laser projectors that project more than three thousand images on walls, ceiling and floor.

Among his exhibitions, the colorful works of the Austrians stand out Gustav Klimt, Egon Schiele and Friedensreich Hundertwasser.

And now you can enjoy Vicent van Gogh or of Japanese art with Dreamed Japan.

Without a doubt two exceptional places that you can not miss and that will make you live a unique experience.