Nacho López: Between documentary and author photography

Nacho López: Between documentary and author photography

Ignacio Lopez Bocanegra o Nacho Lopez He was a fundamental photojournalist in the twentieth century.

He was born in Tampico, Tamaulipas, in 1923. His father devoted himself to advertising, so that world of images was entirely familiar to him.

Study photography and cinema at the Institute of Cinematographic Studies in the Mexico City.

Manuel Álvarez Bravo and Alejandro Galindo, director and filmmaker were his teachers, from whom he received privileged instruction.

He began to capture scenes that oscillated between press or documentary and author pieces.

He collaborated in the main capital newspapers as they were: Pulse, Tomorrow, Today, Rotophoto, Present and Always.

His mastery transcended time and borders. He died in 1986 and is still a powerful influence for new artists.

Photo Innovator


He worked with the so-called happenings, that is, constructed images, in which he organized certain situations to portray the reactions they produced.

Sample of it is When a beautiful woman leaves a place in Madero.

He was also among the first to generate photographic series that he would call Photo essays

He liked to experiment so he also explored the double exposure. He was a tireless seeker of everyday scenes.

Among its themes are dancers, children, carnivals, masks, streets and indigenous people.

In his production also slipped social criticism.

He got involved in the cinema, so he made documentaries and commercials.

Innovative and visionary shed sensitivity in each piece, in addition to reflecting the reality of that moment.

He documented everyday, authentic and frank. The last years of life he dedicated to teaching.

Before passing away he gathered 30 thousand negatives, 3 thousand photographs and 3 tapes that he donated to national archives.

Today they are protected as a Nacho López Fund at the National Photo Library of Mexico, in Pachuca Hidalgo. 


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