Geometry and retro-futurism in Julien Pacaud's digital collage

Thursday, April 04 07.51 GMT

Geometry and retro-futurism in Julien Pacaud's digital collage

Imagining future worlds from longing for the past is the main feature of Julien Pacaud's digital collage.

And is that the French artist of 47 years old found in digital collage the perfect medium to capture alternate worlds.

In his works, he observes his fascination with geometry, his admiration of Magritte and his recurrent tendency towards retro-futurism.

Julien uses images from the past because, according to him, they are distant from our reality. He call them "perpendicular dreams".

Perpendicular dreams

Perpendicular dreams is the name of an art book written by Quimperois Jean-Christophe Sanchez and illustrated by Julien Pacaud.

The text is 500 copies self-published by the Drahomira Institute thanks to the crowdfunding completed in less than ten days.

The main objective of the book is to create a poetic expressionism.

Always, with the vision that poetry is a supreme value that seeks emotion through beauty.

Also, as a way to question the world, look at it from the side to understand it and navigate towards inner and outer peace.

Julien Pacaud

De 1993 a 1996 studied cinematography at the Louis Lumière school, located in Saint-Denis.

There he met the filmmaker Jean-Christophe Sánchez, with whom he created the Institut Drahomira.

This is an artistic entity in which various fields such as film, music and graphic arts are studied.

Julien Pacaud's digital collage shows his personality. That longing for the past embodied in future utopian worlds.

Pacaud never knew if he wanted to be an astrophysicist, billiard player or professor of Esperanto.

However, he discovered that digital art and illustration could manipulate images.

In this way, he was able to combine all the disciplines, without giving up any.

Perhaps for this reason, Julien Pacaud's digital collage creates vintage images. His work goes beyond the usual "cut and paste" technique.

With his "cutouts", he creates dreamlike, surreal and even geometric worlds.

The illustration and the digital collage of Julien Pacaud invites us to idealize ourselves in their alternate worlds, to reflect on current events and to imagine a different future.