The femininity and rebellion in the illustrations of Delphine Leborgeous

January 09, 2020 at 11:49 p.m.

Femininity and rebellion in the illustrations of Delphine Lebourgeous

Delphine Lebourgeous She is a visual artist who creates universes full of rebellion with very feminine touches.

He studied fine arts in Lyon and has developed mainly in illustration.

But also, explore with digital media, collage, pencil drawings, watercolor and screen printing.

As far as playful and irreverent, his projects speak of the power of crowds and relationships, as well as the importance of union between women.

Questioning society, it shows delicate and powerful images. 

The fragility, innocence and strength of his characters are clearly a characteristic of the creative

The Londoner gives an important weight to the rebellion that exists in each person and group.

It is accompanied or helped by symbols and cultural references.

Throughout his professional career he has made his personality and authorship clear by simply seeing some of his works.


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