Colorful patterns in Matteo Giuseppe Pani's digital artwork

Monday, April 01 18.08 GMT

Colorful patterns in Matteo Giuseppe Pani's digital artwork

Matteo Giuseppe Pani is a multidisciplinary designer from Sardinia who lives in New York and works in Sagmeister & Walsh.

He is interested in brands, patterns, fashion and digital illustration. Its design is inspired by the Sardinian culture.

His illustrations are the result of the encounter between the decorations of the Sardinian iconography.

Which is composed of floral geometries and patterns inspired by traditional costumes.

And Italian painting of the sixteenth century, as well as a contemporary use of typography.

The reference to the island in particular is almost a necessity for Matteo Giuseppe Pani, it is a way of showing his longing for the land that saw him born.

"We must learn to be different, to differentiate ourselves. Trying to hold on to the Sardinian tradition is one way to do it, to make my work truly personal. "
Pani moved to the United States in 2017.

One of his greatest achievements was when his work was launched in that same year in the New Yorker.

This fact marked his debut in the big leagues of digital illustration.

The passion for art is something that has accompanied him since he was a child.

"While my teammates played soccer, I was drawing and using modeling clay."

He obtained a master's degree in graphic branding at the communication school in London.

He worked for a month in the RGA, especially in the digital communication company.

His designs have also decorated the music industry. Making album covers for David Bowie, Talking Heads, Rolling Stones, Lou Reed.

Another of his greatest achievements was design a cover for the New York Times Magazine.
The theme of the main article was about how animal health can help us better understand our health.

For his part, Matteo Giuseppe Pani, designed an image of a dog and a cat disguised as doctors.

Matteo describes his work at the creative agency Sagmeister & Walsh (S & W), as a revolution to his professional and personal life.

This, for the admiration to Stefan Sagmeister and Jessica Walsh; Two monsters sacred graphics.

S & W has recently published a book for Phaidon, The beauty.

Pani designed the cover of the book and participated in the "Beauty Show" with two installations.

Despite the pleasure of working in New York, Matteo Giuseppe Pani yearns to realize his illustrations of murals and tapestries, in Sardinia, Italy.

His favorite Sardinian artist is Costantino Nivola, he also admires Olivetti's work.

Matteo Giuseppe Pani's illustrations are a trip to his wonderful city and the colorful modernity of New York, his second home.