Bond Truluv's Augmented Reality Graffiti-Art

Thursday, April 16 12.36 GMT

Master of typography, Bond Truluv is a German urban artist who transmits messages of love and peace andn his Augmented Reality Graffiti-Art.

Passionate about new ways of composing calligraphic letters and expressions, as well as discovering new techniques, Truluv travels the world adapting ideas, cultures, environments and landscapes in his murals of augmented reality.

The image of a robotic model of 3D software that questions the formation of human identity in the digital age has recurred in his work.

Truluv has achieved international recognition with more than 30 exhibitions.

Germany, the Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, France, Spain, India, Indonesia and Japan have witnessed his talent.

The urban artist constantly experiments with various materials such as canvases, videos and installations.

Work with light sources, films and photographs that convert your Graffiti-Art into multimedia installations.