A part of Africa from the futuristic look of Aida Muluneh

A part of Africa from the futuristic look of Aida Muluneh

The artist Aida Muluneh was born in Ethiopia in 1974, and now he is a leading figure in the world of contemporary art.

Throughout his childhood he lived between Yemen and England.

It was until 1985, which had a stable place in which to reside, Canada.

And in the 2000, it was titled Howard University in film, radio and television.

Since then he works in the commercial area and photojournalism, but never neglecting to express what happens inside, his own art.

In addition, his photography covers questions about life, love and history.

So in different deliveries the influence of its roots is appreciated, since it uses body paint so used in Africa.

This is how his work is distinguished by questioning and confronting the prevailing movements and stereotypes.

Aware of its space and time, it seeks to provoke with each image.

For his last series he stayed a long period in Addis Ababa. The result was The world is 9.

His art is a face to the established and is recognized for it.


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