Memento mori: The chilling habit of portraying the dead

August 27, 2019 at 14:51 p.m.

Memento mori: The chilling habit of portraying the dead

Customs change, they change. What once seemed part of everyday life today causes chills.

And how not to do it if in the Victorian era It was common to portray dead people, particularly children.

This tradition sought to commemorate them, keep them, and love them even after death.

For example, back then diseases and epidemics They were devastating, therefore, life was shorter.

But death in infants was very common, since medical advances were neither optimal nor sufficient.

Perhaps this is why people tried to retain as much as possible the memory of a loved one. 

De 1830 to 1900 this tradition that began in England Little by little it spread through different countries.

It was also usual to wear medallions or rings with hair or a piece of clothing from the deceased.

Portray death It gained strength and popularity, as a kind of reminder that we are all going the same way. 

However, over the years this habit changed.

Currently it is not considered appropriate to photograph a loved one when he is no longer alive.