5 analog collage artists that you need to know

Wednesday March 13 12.41 GMT

5 analog collage artists that you need to know

For these artists of analogous collage the scissors, the cutouts and the glue are like life.

The greatest analogous collage artists base their work on the reconversion of various materials used as raw material.

Old newspapers, magazines, colored papers or packaging, fragments of photos, fabrics, solid materials or accumulated paint.

Through these elements they manage to create an original and imaginative composition.

Although the collage originated in China, it is in the early twentieth century that it becomes a relevant artistic practice. This, in different parts of the world after the intervention of the Cubists Braque, Gris and Picasso.

However, with the arrival of collage digital it might seem that the scissors and glue were relegated to the background ... but in Fahrenheit Magazine we know that the analog collage will never die.

That's why we present you 5 analogous collage artists that you should know:

Barry Kite, depurify the classic (Chicago)

Owner of the gallery Aberrant Art, the American Kite He laughs at the world and invites us to laugh with him.

Through collage, he makes socio-political parodies in which he deconstructs images and then recomposes them in a work eminently narrative.

Kite tells us a story without words, full of images and colors. The title is the only one that can give us a clue.

Joe Webb, sarcastic analogy (London)

This graphic designer he uses periodicals that he collects and creates images in which he converts original scenes into surrealist spaces.

Thus, it throws new ideas about the world in which we live, ideas that do not escape criticism and irony. His collage always has a vintage aesthetic.

Webb does not resort to digital retouching. His work is completely removed from technology.

In addition, Tumblr was the platform that turned his work into a viral phenomenon.

Chambliss Giobbi and the human psyche (New York)

After 15 years as a composer of classical music, Chambliss Giobbi turned his creativity towards the visual arts.

Each collage of this artist reflects his psyche, his personal vision of chaos.

Giobbi takes hundreds of pictures of heads, arms, legs and pieces of faces and conjugates them to get a dense, ornate and primitive image.

A fractured oscillation that turns its protagonists into something close to the monstrous.

Lynn Skordal, absurd divertimento (Washington)

After a lifetime dedicated to the legal profession, Skordal took a full turn at the time of his retirement.

This exabogado realizes his collage with a traditional process: scissors, glue and a lot of imagination.

Almost like an act of magic, it manages to couple them and give them meaning despite their lack of relationship with each other.

Amalgamate the elements to get a humorous touch. And as in life, humor is able to present realities to us.

Derek Gores, torn expressions (New York)

Gores He is a designer of popular music artists such as Madonna and brands such as Adidas or Virgin.

Although he is famous for these works, he is also an illustrator recognized for his disparate works.

In love with the cinema and the female figure, his collage is made up of ripped magazines, newspapers and pages. With this, it emulates chaos.

Your technique can not be considered completely manual because it uses tools to create digital textures that it then prints and trims.