Villa Ortizet, a monochromatic architectural marvel

Villa Ortizet, a monochromatic architectural marvel. PHOTO: Villa Ortizet
Villa Ortizet, a monochromatic architectural marvel. PHOTO: Villa Ortizet


Inspired by the landscapes of French villages, the villa ortizet It is an architectural work that combines nostalgia with avant-garde aesthetics.

Such collaboration between the artists Anthony Authie (Zyva Studio) and Charlotte Taylor (Maison de Sable) is a tribute to Authié's grandfather and to the daydreams of children's stories and local legends.

Designed with a continuous layer of green monochromatic, which seeks to translate the natural environment into a hypermodern language, the villa is a delivery that proposes balancing the modern architecture with organic architecture, and is located in the town of Saint Pierre Le Vieux in Lozere.

One of the main characteristics of this architectural landscape is the recurrent use of curves to delimit furniture spaces with artificial rocks and other decorative elements that allude to the traditional forms of gardens and greenhouses.

In this way, the designers seek to provide a contemporary vision of housing as a management of biological diversity, and the urbanite's relationship with his most primitive environment.

Thus, the creative team managed to create a symbiosis between the built space and the surrounding nature that proposes a new type of evolutionary architecture.

With which they seek a permanent sensory interaction that connects to the atmosphere through sound, smell, touch and sight.