Nude Offices: Architecture, innovation and environmental awareness

Nude Offices: Architecture, innovation and environmental awareness

La architecture every time you want to get closer to human factorBe functional but also close, Cozy, unique.

In addition, they are presented new challenges. He the environment It has been affected and there is an eagerness to help it reverse.

In this framework it was created Nude Offices, the project wants to give you a turn to buildings either in techniques or materials.

The society awakens and the creatives also for what they demand new ways of living with nature Without being so invasive.

The variety of involved and customers They want assertive experimental spaces. They are looking for a connection between shape and bottomIe matter and people.

The study aims to Innovate and grow in the process.

Who started Nude Offices?


Nuru Karim is founder y director, it all started in Bombay but keeps networks around the world.

He obtained his mastery in Architecture and Urban Planning awarded by the London Architectural Association, United Kingdom in the 2006, which supports its knowledge and experience

His studio has won several acknowledgments over time because of the relevance it entails.

Nude Offices aims to print cultural and human values in each of his works.

From the beginning Karim wished his project was interdisciplinary and could integrate art, architecture, design and digital design.