Lúum Temple, a place that represents conscious architecture

Lúum Temple, a place that represents conscious architecture

El Lúum Temple belongs to the residential Luum Zama in the heart of the jungle of Overall.

The Mexican Caribbean coast has gradually become one of the favorite vacation destinations.

So there are projects that seek to live in harmony with nature.

To this end, the Co-lab design office with the engineer Esteban Morales they projected a structure composed of five hyperbolas in which symmetry and triangular patterns predominate.

This is how every detail was thought to go according to the landscape and essence of the place.

In addition, the elaborate bamboo fabric of Chiapas is simply impressive, its vault invites meditation or activities such as yoga.

This material is a leader in sustainable constructions, since it adapts perfectly to the natural environment.

Similarly, the filtered light on the ceiling is another spectacle that must be appreciated.

The development has eight hectares and is mostly native vegetation.

Thus, they wish to conserve their green areas to a large extent, so they implement a reforestation with endemic plants.

The program architectural It is an open invitation to reflection.

The conservation and protection of natural resources is essential. The jungle must be respected for any human intervention.


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