Antony Gibbon harmonizes design with the natural in his architecture

Wednesday, January 27 06.22 GMT


The architect's work Antony gibbon it is outstanding mix of innovation, creativity and exploration that takes the forms of nature as a source of inspiration.

Each creation of Gibbon pushes the boundaries of architectural design with the intention of creating the connection between Nature & Nurture, and thus "combine each unique and personalized structure with its natural habitat, and develop harmony so that they grow together".

Gibbon's work has gained worldwide recognition and has been featured in Vanity Fair, The New York Times, The Huffington Post, dezeen, Dwell, designboom and the series Secret Homes Television.

In the project Mobius, the artist was based on the Möbius strip, a single-sided, single-edge surface that has the mathematical property of being a non-orientable object.

The circular interior is below the organic shape, and floor-to-ceiling glass doors circulate through the open-plan living space and lead the user to the pool area.

Meanwhile, the circular kitchen is in the center of the house and is illuminated by light from the sky that reflects the diameter of the kitchen shape.

Winding driveway to property leads residents to garage which is located directly below the building with a second staircase leading back to the main interior.

The large roof terrace creates another partition equal in size to the interior space, providing different options for use, as well as an area to view the surrounding nature.