A floating and ecological hotel? Yes and it will be in Qatar


Can you imagine being able to stay in a five-star hotel that floats and is totally ecological? Thanks to the Eco-Floating Hotel in Qatar this will be possible soon.

The hotel, which will also be mobile, was conceptualized by Hayry Atak Architectural Design Studio (HAADS).

The Eco-Floating Hotel in Qatar will have 152 rooms and around 35 thousand square meters of surface in which a large number of amenities will be distributed.


For HAADS to innovate in the design This project was important, but the commitment to sustainability was even more important and that is why they looked for a way to consume the least amount of energy and adhere to zero waste.

Eco-Floating Hotel has a circular shape as it simulates a gigantic whirlpool of water, which can be seen from the roof of the building.


The whirlpool will not only have a function hairsalon, it will also make the hotel rotate on itself and generate clean energy for the hotel.

With such rotation, HAADS will provide a unique experience to guests with the views and perspective of the hotel that will change all the time. Literally a guest will go to sleep with one view and upon awakening will find another.


Like the cruises, Eco-Floating Hotel will have a positioning system so that those on board will have no problem moving around.

With so much surface available the hotels it will have spectacular green areas, outdoor and indoor pools, sauna, spa, gym and a miniature golf course.


To make your stay at this hotel unforgettable, all rooms will have a balcony, so enjoying the beautiful views will be a must.

To access the hotel there will be three options: from the mainland, through a floating dock that will connect with the building; by boats that will be able to anchor at the dock of the place and the third is to arrive by helicopter at the hotel that will have its own heliport.


HAADS expects the Eco-Floating Hotel to open its doors in 2025, so you have time to plan a getaway to this incredible place and experience an unforgettable experience firsthand.