Water, air and architecture made the incredible marine organ possible

Water, air and architecture made the incredible marine organ possible

If you want to listen hopelessly exceptional music el marine organ It is the option to follow.

Who conceived it was his creator and architect, Nikola Basic.

Located in Zadar, Croatia this wonder was heard for the first time in 2005.

With the perfect background of Adriatic Sea this impressive construction produces music naturally, organically.

Is water, wind and architecture They come together to make extraordinary music.

The waves and the force of the sea they are the ones that produce notes and melodies.

The marble stairs They are responsible for delivering music to Residents and tourists.

Impossible to describe, but you have to try, the sound is relaxing and melodic.

The waves translate into music and who is the lucky one to live it must be certain that he will hear a unique piece.

unrepeatable as its strength and cadence changes, so each person will have a incomparable experience.

And as a complement to the senses they will also have as Postal the infinity of the sea.

What should you know about the marine organ?


El experimental musical instrument mide 70 meters in length.

In 2006 Nikola Basic was awarded the European Prize for Urban Public Space by the marine organ.

The movement of the sea expels the air by 35 polyethylene pipes which are distributed along the coast.

El sound comes out of the holes that are located on the stairs.

Each tube has different lengths and diameters. Within them they can occur Seven musical chords in five different tones.

The construction also has a resonance chamber and valves that allow the entry and exit of water.