Portuguese representatives in white architecture

Portuguese representatives in white architecture. Photo by: pinterest.com
Portuguese representatives in white architecture. Photo by: pinterest.com

Today we can see countless examples of architecture, from the most innovative to the most traditional.

However, the white architecture movement wishes to return to the most primary roots without neglecting progress and new incorporations.

That is, finding an exact balance between the past and the future.

The Portuguese have been very interested in the subject and here we present some representatives that are worth knowing in white architecture.


Joao Mendes Ribeiro


With defined structures and at the same time smooth shows us outstanding examples in terms of white architecture designs.

In most of his projects he tries to respect the environment, in the same way his spaces constantly look for the deep entry of the sun.

In addition, always keep a connection between the interior and exterior to generate harmonic spaces.


Manuel and Francisco Aires Mateus


The volumes and gaps are of its main characteristics. Monochrome, complementary to its white architecture.

They also incorporate natural lighting as part of much of their deliveries.

The architecture studio of which they are founders offers different levels of complexity or, comfortable and simple spaces.

Both are recognized for their extraordinary and beautiful creations.


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