Alice Pegna's amazing spaghetti designs

Thursday, February 20 13.07 GMT

Visual artist Alice pegna He found in an unusual element how to make innovative and interesting designs.

Spaghetti became its raw material to create.

From a painter mother and a photographer photographer, the native of France had a powerful creative essence in her veins.

He studied interior and product design at Camondo School in Paris.

For 2011, Alice Pegna, elaborated her first creation with raw pasta.

Thus the admiration he always had for the structures was inserted in his own modern art.

He made garments such as dresses, jewelry and headdresses with this component that seems fragile, but becomes powerful when he sees it in these pieces.

The project Ex nihilor has gone around the world for being distinct and impressively beautiful.

Alice Pegna, works with geometric pieces that deceive the eye, since it would never be believed that a food could look so good on a dummy.

In this way he returned to the human body an architectural one on which he exposes his surprising and unexpected works.

It alludes with it the ephemeral material and even life. The delicate forms have been well received internationally. 


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