The dreamlike and fantastic interiors created by Andrés Reisinger

Wednesday February 26 14.41 GMT


Andres Reisinger He is a multidisciplinary artist who creates fantastic worlds in which aesthetics is everything. 

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1990, and since childhood he experienced happiness in different materials. 

His grandparents were craftsmen, so they used to build unique and different toys without any limitation. 

Thus, creation became part of his day to day. 

He studied graphic design and subsequently began working with digital tools in 3D that opened a universe of possibilities.

Development and production were inserted in his life to never leave.

In this way it became director, producer, designer and interior designer.

He has collaborated with Microsoft, Samsung, Ikea, Studio Proba or Bloomberg, to name a few. 

He was also recognized as one of the Young Guns Art Directors Club by The One Club for Creativity New York.

His digital art is sophisticated and smooth, where shapes and textures become protagonists. 

It seems that each piece or interior in which it intervenes is a dream and transports you to a completely different place. 


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