The surreal design of SweetZag, the first candy laboratory
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The surreal design of SweetZag, the first candy laboratory

If Homer Simpson, Willy Wonka or Hansel and Gretel lived their favorite place it would be Sweetzag.

SweetZag is the first interactive candy laboratory that exists in the world, and is located in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico.

The design of this magical site for children and adults, is made by Anagram.

This international branding, architecture and software firm works in Monterrey, CDMX, Tokyo and the United States.

For its design, Anagrama developed the project inaugurated in 2018, designed in fullfilment of security requirements, but also in fun.

With purple, blue, white and pink colors they created a stage that invites the user to play and keep an open mind.

All a surreal experience Thought of children of various ages.

And in a dreamlike environment with sweet columns.

But also with a sky melting next to colored pipes with mind blowing shapes.

SweetZag, a place that any child would want to know.

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