Star Wars and Kenneth Cobonpue together in a collection of luxury furniture

Thursday July 11 13.27 GMT

Star Wars and Kenneth Cobonpue together in a collection of luxury furniture

It seems that the industry of Star Wars It is an inexhaustible vein.

That is, Disney decided to collaborate with a furniture brand to launch a collection inspired by Star Wars.

The designer Kenneth Cobonpue He created a lamp, a rocking stool and three armchairs that allude to characters or elements of the tape.

The names show the reason: Easy Chair FatherEasy chair Sidious, armchair imperial wings, rocking stool Chewie and pendant lamp Jedi.

For the project, Cobonpue he saved the most faithfulness to the tape.

Thus, the author noted that: "Finding the balance was a challenge but it was also very fun."

This collection, created in in 2018, It was another contribution to the wide range of franchise products in the series.

And you, which one would you decide to spend an exciting afternoon at home?

Who is Kenneth Cobonpue?


It is a designer of origin Philippine, recognized as one of the most innovative in its branch.

Su mother was furniture designer and therefore his first influence and figure worthy of admiration.

He studied industrial design in Pratt Institute of New York and then it was apprentice in a workshop near Florence, Italy.

However, his roots were stronger and he has developed in his native country.

Kenneth highlights for its impeccable avant-garde furniture and ensures that the design is in everything.

He considers himself part designer and part craftsman, something that was definitely a great success for this collection Do not you think?