The Eames, the couple that made the chair in which we have all sat

Tuesday July 16 18.40 GMT

The Eames, the couple that made the chair in which we have all sat

Have you ever wondered how elements so everyday and functional were they created by someone?

Or, how did they manage to make their imagination and ingenuity capable of transforming themselves into a legacy for society?

It is surprising the amount of inventions that make much more simple of our day to day.

And that is the case of chairs Eames, the most used and recognized in history.

Its creators were marriage Charles Eames and Ray Kaiser.

They are owed molded plywood or multilaminado.

And for that, the architecture critic Esther Mc Coy called her "The chair of the century".

The Eames chairs fulfilled and fulfilled all the characteristics of utility and accessibility for a large part of the population.

Your materials fiberglass, molded plastic and wood, achieve a design that fits in time.

Therefore, Herman Miller AG y Vitra produce designs attached to the philosophy and spirit of Eames and Kaiser.

And how not to do it, if this couple managed to combine the architecture, the design of furniture and houses.

There are things that come to stay and furniture that give the impression of being timeless, it is not known if they are old or new.

What we do know is that they are part of our Habitual usely chairs designed by Eames They are some of the most famous.

A great couple


Charles Eames (1907-1978) y Ray Kaiser (1912-1988) were a fundamental couple in the world of architecture and design.

However, they also intervened in industrial manufacturing, photography and film.

His designs gradually became classical and soon people no longer wondered who had invented them, but rather incorporated them into their daily lives.

The original Sacramento, California and the native of St. Louis, Missouri they met in the Cranbrook Art Academy of Michigan at 1938 where they were colleagues and for 1941 they contracted marriage.

After this they moved to Los Angeles, California. At that time, they began experimenting with techniques for plywood looking to create comfortable and accessible chairs.

Even during Segunda Guerra Mundial they were commissioned to manufacture splints molded plywood. As well as stretchers and cases Experimental for gliders

En 1946 his first designs of furniture experiments were exposed in the New York MoMA.

For, 1949 they built their own casa en Pacific Palisades en California with prefabricated pieces of steel and innovated with different materials.

The call Eames house is considered a masterpiece of the modern architecture and one of the most important residences of the postwar period, worldwide.