The illustrated cabinets of Nuria Mel

Thursday, November 14 17.45 GMT

The illustrated cabinets of Nuria Mel

Nuria Mel is a Mexican illustrator He uses scissors like other people would use a pencil.

She has worked on illustrated books, posters and designs for photomural.

Either analogously or digitally, Nuria makes her compositions from reconfigured fragments.

Nuria Mel collects her images by way of curiosity cabinet, in which different influences and referents coexist.

In his drawers we find affinities for the humor of the Cuban poster design, surreal collage of Vanguard, stopmotion Central European.

As well as a disturbing curiosity about imperfect bodies, mysterious female figures and a nostalgic look pierced by ironic bias.

Disarm and arm again

Nuria Mel doesn't run away at grotesque images or touch certain awkward limits with your Illustrated mutations

But he does it by winking, so that we too are part of the scene.

In whatever context you work, you offer us an inquisitive look On the subject he touches.

It seems that with the same scissors with which he cuts the paper, he separates the elements that define his subjects.

So when you rebuild them to offer them in a new image, with their new parts and new colors, everyone has charged a new sense.

Through his pencils and scissors he is able to infuse a novel look to the most classic of topics.
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