Fast functional and sustainable furniture, by Joachim Froment

Tuesday, December 17 14.35 GMT

Fast, functional and sustainable furniture by, Joachim Froment

El designer and Belgian artist Joachim froment released a series of furniture with environmental awareness

With plastic waste, a 3D printer makes the products in two hours, so it has undoubtedly revolutionized the market.

This is how the collection Strat It uses technology and offers an innovative option on the industrialization of articles.

And that results in chairs, armchairs, tables and stools made of recycled material, without neglecting that they are harmonious in sight.

The process results in organic, light and comfortable curves for those who decide to acquire them.

The furniture appeals to a more dynamic manufacturing and joins the environmental trend based on a circular economy.

They are on sale from 2019 and promise to be watershed for future interventions.

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