Luzinterruptus: When light and darkness coexist to create art

Luzinterruptus: When light and darkness coexist to create art

La light in nature it is enigmatic and beautiful. Luzinterruptus he takes it back and makes it his inspiration and raw material.

El artistic collective anonymous was born in 2008 and its base of operations are the streets of the city of Madrid.

Perform urban interventions in public spaces and they use objects from recycling, garbage and evidently light.

Conscious of the care we owe the planet, they use plastic in their works, but wish to reduce it or eliminate it in the coming years.

That is, they look for simple materials and even those offered by the environment itself.

They work in a way clandestine but occasionally they create legal pieces for festivals and with the payment they receive, they finance their projects.
The group is satisfied by artist friends and photographers that are rotating since they do not live on it.

They are also awaiting the news so that their art contributes critical messages.

Always try to get out of anonymity places or objects what they consider is worth turn into art.

Their interventions are ephemeral, However the visual impact It is uppercase.

Sometimes people take parts of the works and they do not dislike them, prefer to think they are present for those who find light in their path.

Your mission is to leave light on everywhere for everyone to give their interpretation.

La creativity makes darkness become canvas and light en instrument.