Fascination for masks as a ritual element of Chris Rainier

November 05, 2019 at 14:29 hrs.

Fascination for masks as a ritual element of Chris Rainier

Chris Rainier is a photographer and documentary maker that since the decade of the 80 began to caress a project: Mask.

It emerged as a visual documentation about these key elements in different cultures.

Gradually it became a fascination that resulted in the publication of a book that compiles 130 images that reflect cultural diversity and incredible objects.

He traveled six continents and evidenced the importance of the wearing masks since the beginning of time for various peoples.

This is how he found coincidences and differences, distant points of the earth in which the groups touch.

The rituals in which they are used go from initiations, weddings or felt ceremonies.

Different images witnessed the traditions, history and diversity ancestral they contain.

The project is simply endearing and fundamental to humanity.

Rainier knows that his work will remain in a modern world in which such manifestations are lost at an impressive speed.

It also makes it clear that they generally turn to the natural world because their wisdom allows them to value the root from which everything comes.

Finally, each shot tells us about the magic they possess, a spirit that cannot be described in words.

The passion was so great that now it has its own collection of masks.


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