BKF chair: One of the most replicated furniture throughout history

Wednesday November 13 14.09 GMT

BKF chair: One of the most replicated furniture throughout history

Good taste never goes out of style and BKF chair It is proof of that.

This article is the work of Catalan Antonio Bonet and the Argentines Juan Kurchan and Jorge Ferrari-Hardoy.

Hence its name: Bonet, Kurchan and Ferrari, thanks to the architects and designers who created it.

His birth was in 1938in Buenos Aires, without imagining that it would become an icon of twentieth-century design.

This piece is one of the most copied over time, even the United States would make it illegally and is therefore known in the same way as butterfly chair

Its creators were also founders and part of an important movement in which artists, architects and intellectuals participated: the collective Austral Group.

Made mainly of steel and leather and given its relevance, it is even a museum piece.

Over the years it has been renovated, adding new elements, but it always retains its classic style.

Its process is usually handmade and became a symbol of Argentine design.

With characteristic rounded edges, the BKF chair ultimately prevails due to its authenticity and beautiful workmanship.

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