Mathias Bengtsson's three-dimensional chairs

Thursday, May 21 13.11 GMT

El danish industrial designer Mathias Bengtsson He has worked with various materials and industrial processes creating true three-dimensional works of art.

His unique pieces go beyond the functional and combine the side craft with precision engineering, proof of this are its famous Slice chairs.

“I don't consider myself a product designer. Furniture is just a platform or a means to present misconceptions and a brand to 'build'. What is crucial is that the furniture has a set of specific rules and conventions, and a set of minimum requirements, ”says the artist.

Bengstton's goal is to bring to life what was previously not thought possible.

The designer's materials palette has been expanded to encompass a diversity that ranges from the aluminum up to the cardboard, passing through the tinted acrylic to the carbon fiber.

His pieces have entered the permanent collections of the Museum of Modern Art in New York, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Houston, the Museum of Fine Arts in Montreal and the Manchester Art Gallery.