The Ibero presents the forum 'The value of design'

The Ibero presents the forum 'The value of design'. Photo. Courtesy
The Ibero presents the forum 'The value of design'. Photo. Courtesy


After the great reception that the first forum received The value of design happened last year, again the department of Ibero Design presents its second edition on the days 26 and 27 October 2022

The objective of this forum is to dialogue and make it clear that design is a transforming agent, capable of building bridges between the social and environmental spheres, as well as between the physical and digital worlds.

On this occasion, the forum seeks to make visible projects, products, services and experiences with which design responds to some of the challenges that both society and the planet face today. 

Designers who care about the state of the world will participate, from disciplines such as product design, animation, circular design, sustainable textiles, fashion, inclusion and alternatives in transport.

Among this year's participants are Héctor Esrawe (industrial design), Pedro Cerisola (industrial design and toy design), Dora Bartillotti (multimedia artist), Colin Giles (animator), Marisol Centeno (textile designer)


Héctor Esrawe (industrial design). Photo: Courtesy.


The forum "The value of design" will be presented in a hybrid format which will take place in the facilities of the Ibero and can be followed via YouTube through Ibero Design account that October 26 and 27, 2022

​​Attend and participate to continue finding together the tools that design has to transform social reality.