The bluish and sculptural armchair by Marc Newson

The bluish and sculptural armchair by Marc Newson. Photo: Artsy
The bluish and sculptural armchair by Marc Newson. Photo: Artsy


The style Marc NewsonBesides being novel, it has a peculiarity that seems to be sculptural.

Marc Newson, considered one of the most prolific and accomplished designers of his generation, employs a futuristic and technically rigorous approach.

His creations ranging from bicycles, concept cars, restaurants, commercial aircraft interiors, kitchen and bathroom accessories and linens, have established him as one of the great creatives of industrial design..

After having studied jewelry and sculpture in Sydney, and having traveled to Europe and Asia, it was that Marc Newson finally directed his career towards the furniture design.

El lockheed lounge (1986), a fluid metallic form, catapulted his career, quickly appearing in magazines around the world.



Since then, his mind and creativity have not ceased, much less the importance of his work.

And so much so, that in 2019, Gagosian Presented Marc's First Limited Edition Furniture Show in More Than a Decade.

This series of desks, chairs and divans, had the Chinese cloisonne, an enameling technique dating to the XNUMXth or XNUMXth centuryHandmade in Beijing, cloisonné works blur the boundaries between sculpture, furniture and ornament, like jewels expanded to the full scale of the body.



His patterns and motifs reveal the wide range of Marc's aesthetic influences: his distinctive 'orgone' pattern, the most traditional Chinese floral motifs, its large magnolias on a white background or the branches of cherry blossoms on opaque black enamel.

El Cloisonne Blue Chair It seems to be a mixture between mosaic, sea and the three-dimensional that will undoubtedly leave you amazed by its beauty, aesthetics and functionality in every detail.