Onur Cobanli: functional art with a lot of style


Onur Mustak Cobanli combines his knowledge in design and economy to achieve functional and artistic objects that manage to connect with users and viewers.

Designer and economist, Onur focused his research studies on the correlation of design and economics and has further explored the issue of the value of design in terms of the economy and society and founded OMC Design.

Cobanli has created over a thousand design concepts that reflect his personal style.

The artist is known for his chair designs that combine comfort, color, shapes and materials that give life to unique objects capable of beautifying the spaces in which they coexist.


Among his most famous pieces is the stool called Nuova Testa of David, inspired by Michelangelo's David sculpture and various headless statues.

The work can be interpreted as a modern piece of furniture that works both as a stool and as sculpture.

Müstak's idea was to design an object that could start a conversation, an object that can create an emotional bond between the user and the viewer.