Oglof, an armchair between functionality and aesthetics

Source: JCP Universe
Source: JCP Universe


oglof is an armchair made of kilometers of fine fringes, which create smooth and shiny surface.

Between functionality, aesthetics and the search for new meanings, oglof it offers itself as an eccentric piece of furniture, a living being with a secret soul that you can sit on.

This armchair has a multilayer wood structure and high-density polyurethane foam in different densities.

To ensure the quality of its printing and the vividness of the colors, the creators chose to carry out a special heat treatment on its textiles.

upholstered with 7 thousand threads sewn handmade of fine silk cordonetto fringes, its details are striking and curious, which makes it an interactive piece of furniture.

Out of every aspect that you can count on, the fascinating thing is that it also stimulates the imagination and touch, so you cannot miss this piece of furniture that invites all the senses to question it.

Hard looking but with a born simplicity, oglof it is different from everything that has been seen, since, although it boasts of simplicity, it is much more than a piece of home furniture, it is a communication of strength and design intelligence.

In any space, regardless of its style, oglof it will become the centerpiece thanks to its casual elegance in which harmony in design and proportion prevail. 

oglof stands out for its avant-garde style in furniture and interior design.