Balenciaga launches a sofa that remembers environmental awareness

Tuesday, December 10 14.34 GMT

Balenciaga launches a sofa that remembers environmental awareness

Balenciaga and the Russian furniture designer Harry Nuriev present a collaboration with an environmental responsibility seal.

The creative that resides in NY and the luxury brand created a sofa filled with garments and cuts that were not for sale.

In this way they want to give a second life to these clothes that would otherwise end up in the garbage or worse, burned (as some accustom it).

Thus, they join sustainable practices that seek to generate less impact on the planet.

Balenciaga demonstrates that it can work ethically and refocus its products towards improvement in every way.

Both involved agree that this furniture encourages more conscious and ecological business practices.

In addition the sofa is reclining and modular, as well as made of transparent vinyl.

Undoubtedly a success for both parties, as they contribute and give an example to new concepts that should be followed to stop contaminating excessively.


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